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The year 2001 was the year when for the first time in Poland an assistance dog was trained in order to help physically disabled person. This was the “GAJA” project and its originators and directors were the future founders of the DOGIQ Foundation. Thanks to the efforts of twenty-person group from the whole Poland, focused on the idea of increasing the possibility of carrying out their own dreams by helping disabled people, they managed to blaze a trail and show that those who wish to have a dog assistant – they can have it. The innovative nature of the project attracted so much public interest that the authors of the project were invited to participate in the international Leonardo da Vinci Program. As a result of a two-year project, in the year 2004 there was established the DOGIQ Foundation and its Board has decided to take on the basic statutory purpose based on the preparation of assistance dogs that by their special training increase the independence and self-reliance of disabled people with various dysfunctions.

Since its inception, the Foundation annually provides more and more dogs for people who apply for obtaining a dog assistant. The Foundation staff consists of more than a dozen of people who supervise that every moment of the long process of assistance dog training was properly completed. In fact, the final success consists of several stages, starting with the kennel, careful selection of puppies and upbringing in a foster family, and ending with the advanced training, the adaptation course with the future carer, transfer, and finally – the beginning of living together.

The first dog in Poland assisting a person moving on a wheelchair – Labrador Gaja

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