In April 2009 roku ruszył innowacyjny portal informacyjno - edukacyjny dla właścicieli psów

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People, as well as dogs may have different dispositions and temperaments. Some of them prefer slightly quieter lifestyle, are less dynamic and it would be difficult for them to create a good team with an active person who is constantly in motion. Therefore, it is very important to get to know the habits, lifestyle and the nature of a disabled person, so that the dog that will be her or his companion for several next years was a great complement to the world that will give her or him joy and allow them to achieve together things that individually might be impossible. The last step before a disabled person and her or his assistance dog will start a new shared life is the Adaptation Course. The course allows getting to know the taste of working together, what at the beginning brings some long and difficult moments. The Adaptation Course lasts about two weeks and takes place in Katowice. During the classes, which are arranged in various locations and situations, the team learns about each other.

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