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The breeding program was developed in 2001, during the implementation of the pioneering GAJA project, which aimed at training the first assistance dog for a disabled person in Poland. The aim of the Breeding Program was getting the best puppies from great parents, however, in this case – the most important thing was not the outward build of the dog, but the characteristics and mental abilities of the dog.

The Program’s assumptions proved to be correct and its realization is carried out to this day. Thanks to breeders, taking part in an innovative project, the Foundation acquires dogs with a suitable potential, which increases the likelihood of training an assistance dog. The selection of a puppy is being made by the experienced selector who based on the behavioural tests assesses suitability of the dog. One of the most important selection criteria is a willingness to cooperate with a man, an appropriate temperament, and the ability to concentrate. It may happen that none of the puppies meets the requirements of the dog assistant profile. Then, the search for a right puppy forces the selector to make a trip, which is aimed at testing the litters indicated by cooperating kennels. The Breeding Program plays a very important role in the activities of the Foundation. Without the breeders’ support and the trust that they place in the organisation, none of the projects would end with success. Kennels, which choose to not-accidental associations, offer puppies and theirs mothers the right breeding conditions and put young dogs through the neurological stimulation – they meet the conditions required for the accession to the program. Kennels, which now cooperate with the Foundation, are:

  • Z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury
  • Górska Fantazja
  • Sweet Emilly
  • Pod Jabłonią
  • Cerasus
  • Kociokwik
  • Leminiscatus
  • Salisbura
  • Black and White
  • Only You

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