In April 2009 roku ruszył innowacyjny portal informacyjno - edukacyjny dla właścicieli psów

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The selected puppy goes to the “foster family” where he or she stays for approximately twelve months. The role of the family is to provide the puppy with warm and sense of security, which are necessary for his/her proper development and future profession. At the foster family lies an important responsibility to show the dog the world, familiarize him/her with the urban traffic, and learn how to travel by public transport. It is necessary to remember that the puppy cannot be treated like any other dog. The dog should be raised in accordance with established principals and objectives agreed in advance. Not everyone can fulfil the role of the “foster family”. Individuals who choose to adopt a puppy must be endowed with special character traits, and above all with the perseverance, since many of individuals decide to travel many kilometres long journeys, often regardless of the weather conditions and circumstances, in order to hold regular control training sessions. The period of bringing up the young dog brings a lot of joy, but also tears when the day to say goodbye is coming, and the dog starts a new stage of education under the supervision of a dog trainer.

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