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At the age of about 14 months a young dog, already under trainer’s care, begins regular training sessions, which are designed to prepare him for a professional work with a disabled person. In the course of training, the trainer uses natural social tendency of the dog to imitate older individuals. In this case, it is important to introduce an already trained dog, so-called facility dog. The dog through his behaviour provokes a young trainee to act in the desired manner. All of the techniques used during the training are deprived of the use of a force and compulsion, which means that the dog is rewarded for performed operations with treat, fun or affection. The result of these ongoing sessions is the maximum of dog’s interest in the trainer, and searching by the dog for independent solutions as well as the joy and willingness to learn new skills. Reaching educational and psychological maturity means that the dog is ready to work with different individuals. This is the moment when the dog passes the final tests and becomes the Certified Assistance Dog. Then, there is coming another important moment in dog’s life – the meeting with the future carer.

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