In April 2009 roku ruszył innowacyjny portal informacyjno - edukacyjny dla właścicieli psów

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Volunteering is an unusual adventure but also an immense responsibility. The adventure of volunteering is meeting new, extraordinary people, discovering so far unknown capabilities of working with dogs as well as acquiring unique experiences. Nevertheless, it is also an enormous commitment, because people who choose to work voluntary take on new obligations, which are not always easy. Their input of work is as important as those permanently cooperating with the Foundation and largely determines the success of undertakings. 
Forms of volunteering with the DOGIQ Foundation are:

  • foster family,
  • administrative-office job,
  • assistance in organizing the Foundation’s shows,
  • and many others interesting forms of social activity…

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Friends of the DOGIQ Foundation are all natural and legal persons ... (more)

Volunteering is an unusual adventure but also an immense responsibility... (more)